About Me

I have always been fascinated by nutrition, natural beauty and natural anti-ageing solutions. Up until I turned 40 years old a gentle approach with natural skincare products was all I seemed to need. After turning 40 however, it was a different story: I began to notice fine lines, sagging and my face heading in a generally downwards direction….Not the look I wanted!

I searched for a natural approach to anti-ageing that really worked. After much research I came across Eva Fraser’s facial exercise programme and went to her as a client. Eva is hugely inspirational: at 88 years old Eva is still looking fabulous and remarkably young for her years. I learnt how to do her exercises and was so impressed with the results, that I trained under her to become a licenced practitioner of Facial Fitness.

I personally believe that Facial Fitness can be life-changing. I now feel more confident and more in control of ageing than I have ever felt. I know that by doing the exercises, I can slow down the ageing process and feel great about myself. It’s non-invasive, it’s good for you and makes you feel wonderful!

I am delighted to teach Eva Fraser’s Facial Fitness method in Switzerland.


    Thank you for your interest in Facial Fitness.