About Facial Fitness

Facial Fitness is often referred to as a natural face-lift. It is a series of exercises designed by Eva Fraser for both women and men that helps tighten, lift and firm the face. We have 57 muscles in our face. These muscles are directly attached to the skin that covers them. As we age, the muscles elongate and when this happens the skin attached to the muscles does too. This is why are face starts to sag as we get older. However, by working these muscles in the correct way, eyes and brows can be lifted, jowls can be tightened and forehead lines erased.

We also lose bone density as we age in our facial bones leading to a slackened or loose appearance of the skin which adds to the ageing of the face. These exercises, due to the action of contracting and working the muscles against resistance, help to preserve facial bone density. This also helps to maintain a youthful, lifted look.

Working the facial muscles helps to slow down the appearance of ageing by increasing the circulation of oxygen and nutrients to the cells of the skin. This leaves your skin with a wonderful, natural, glow! After just a few weeks of practising the exercises you will begin to feel a definite improvement in your muscle tone. Once the advanced lessons are reached, you will begin to see your face gradually lifting. Fine lines will disappear, folds on the upper eyes will diminish, brows will lift, cheek bones will be plumper and the jaw line will tighten.

At 89, Eva is living proof that these exercises unquestionably work.


    Thank you for your interest in Facial Fitness.