About Eva Fraser

Eva was born in 1928 and in her 50’s had a chance encounter with a German ballet dancer called Madame Hoffman. Madame Hoffman realised that although her body was toned and lifted by exercising, her face was not. With the help of a doctor friend, Madame Hoffman developed a series of facial exercises that kept her looking young and youthful – much younger than her years.

She only trained one other person in this method: Eva Fraser. For the past 30 years (and longer – Eva is now 89 years old) Eva has travelled the world teaching women, men young, old as well as the rich and famous. Many well known faces attribute their youthful looks to facial exercises. As Eva says: ‘There is no magic wand…but it can seem like magic!’

In her 80's, Eva is living proof that the exercises work.


    Thank you for your interest in Facial Fitness.